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Played around today.
It is happening with all the symbols, and on different brokers and terminals (tried 3). Antivirus is blocked at the time. SSD drive has enough space.

I noticed strange behavior what I did not saw yesterday, which can be the case. After slowing down with HTF, if I click on HTF window and make it active, it starts to blink with “waiting for update” and it seems speed increases how it should be, but if it is not active it’s going slow. I made a video example for this ( https://www.dropbox.com/sh/odx25b484h9rh0u/AAAaMujA86_JyR31g0pRDzEia?dl=0 ), please download for better quality.

I think I can use your testing software like this, not so bad speed when clicked on HTF window for skipping Asia time. And if no one else is experiencing this kind of behavior no further investigation is needed i guess.

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