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Israel Gonzalez
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I Need help!

When I use the MTF I can select a different timeframe but the graphics doesn’t have the historical information that I need to make a test.

For example If I’m working in M5 for the January 2012 to January 2013 (EUR/USD) and wants to see the EUR/USD_ST,H1 graphic I will be able to select this graphic but the information in H1 won’t be enough to start a simulation, the info will on it will be from January 1, 2012 till January 10,2012, instead of having the info till the 2013

I have downloaded the database in the history center but this issue is showed only in the graphics with the ST sufix for example EUR/USD_ST,H1. I don’t have all the info needed for this.

What Can I Do ??? Please your help I really need to start a simulation!