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  • Peter Oldfield
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    Further to my previous communication by email I have now found how to participate in the forum.
    I have now downloaded a new MT4 demo & installed Spheretester but it is not working as it did on my previous MT4 platform.
    The speed ONLY works with the Slider at the max.I need it to work at a speed that allows me to view each candle on its close & place a trade or adjust existing trades. I know that the speed has to be working to be able to do these adjustments but when it is travelling at the max, that is too fast for me.I was able to control the speed on my previous MT4. I have attached a link to the journal just in case.
    2020-07-26_17-57-40 Spheretester
    Regards Peter

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    Hey Peter,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.
    Speed should be same in both MT4’s. Did you make sure DLL’s are enabled and things are setup properly.
    At times, speed also depends on history data and your MT4 (like how fast data is downloaded and fetched). Can you please try with different pairs and time slots? May be that helps.

    If there is anything, please reach out to us via email and we will assist you.


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