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  • John Dobsom
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    Issue is that I prefer to set the SL/TP levels manually. So in the expert properties I change the default SL/TP levels to 0.

    Issue with this is, when placing a pending buy or sell, its hard to set the TP or SL levels. There needs to be a work around this because of now this can only be achieved by using the default TP/SL parameters and then clicking on modify to change them.

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    Hi John, I understand your concern but I cannot accept this as a bug for two reasons: 1. You can open an order without SL/TP levels and then when you are ready to assign a SL/TP to the order you can set the SL/TP in pips in the main panel and use the “+” button next to the SL/TP for the order. This will set the SL/TP level for the order instantly and you can change back the SL/TP in the main panel to 0 to open the next order without SL/TP levels. 2. It is best practice to always open an order with a Stoploss set and even though SphereTester is just a simulator it helps traders to get used to these practices. If in a live environment you open an order without a stoploss and the market goes in the separate direction and (hopefully this never happens) you lose connection to your broker or to the internet your account can be wiped out in minutes. I hope you agree with the above Thanks, Jan

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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