Dear All,

following the recent updates to the MetaTrader 4 platform (the latest version is currently build 903) the functionality that was used to automatically download SphereTester updates has been obsoleted without prior announcement.

Due to this change some of you on version 1.1 and below might not receive automatic updates of the software. If you are on version 1.1 or below and SphereTester is not automatically updating to the latest release (1.1.01) please download it from here and simply place it in the “Experts” folder of your terminal overwriting the existing file there.

If you are not sure about what version you are using don’t worry, the licensing server will send you an email (including instructions and download link) if it detects that you are using an old version of SphereTester.


In Version 1.1.01 this issues has been fixed, updates will be automatically downloaded to your terminal when released.

We are really sorry about any inconvenience this causes and will do our best to assist you in upgrading SphereTester. If you have any questions please get in touch using the contact form or via our support forums.